Kebari Angler Live!

Say it isn’t so…not another bloody Tenkara Blog!?…

Yes, another blog on Tenkara fishing! However, I do believe this to be the only blog located Down Under here in Australia; so suck it up princess! In all seriousness, my goal for this site – a work in progress – is to simply share my Tenkara experiences with other ‘feather chuckers’ in the hope that you may find the information useful or at the very least, entertaining.

It may offer insight into Tenkara on this side of the world; although in my experience, Trout are Trout and they do not appear to differ in the parts of the globe that I have fished for them. As a possible bonus and primarily for those that have not been to Australia, it will at least give you a taste of the Australian high-country where I spend most of my time afield. Like most wild places; it can be both beautiful and dangerous (deadly snakes can really suck at times) – which is half the attraction!

I will try and include content on a regular basis, including short articles, photos and other information related to all things Tenkara, maybe even some video if I can ever work out how to use my GoPro. Also, be sure to check out my ABOUT page.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the Kebari Angler™ project!

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