Season is OPEN!

…nothing better than watching a coffee coloured Brown blend into view toward your fly…

I have been hanging out for Victoria’s season to open; however a little disappointed at the [still] high water levels for my first outing. The fish were proving difficult to target and I found myself blind casting deeper water, which is not my preferred approach.

I like the smaller pools, associated tail races and riffle water – where you can target the fish clinging the gravel beds and eddies. There is nothing better than watching a coffee coloured Brown blend into view toward your fly (only to ignore it on this occasion), or being startled by the flash from a Rainbow as they perform their attack. Still, it was a great day out to stretch the legs and I did manage to net an angry little Rainbow on my first cast, which gave me false hope for the remainder of the day.


The following hours proved to be a challenge as the water was fast flowing, deep and there was minimal insect activity; a strange experience for this creek of where you would expect to witness several hatches on any given day, particularly at this time of the year. Hatches that ‘flicked the switch’ of the resident Trout into a feeding frenzy. This I did find strange as the conditions were near on perfect. In hindsight, I should have upped the size of my fly. I may have done a little better.


As the day continued, I steadily made my way upstream until I reached the lower end of a tailwater section of two merging creeks, I looked back and noticed a deer (Sambar hind) lying in the water. It looked as though it may have been shot with the hunter either not following up on his quarry or didn’t care; either way it was such a waste. The Sambar are a large deer, so dragging her out of the water was not an option! Although death was only a few hours prior, this is the perfect example of why you should boil any drinking water taken from streams and creeks! You never know what might be found upstream.


I slowly fished back toward the car and after packing my gear, sat down to have a quick bite to eat before driving home. What happened next made me smile, as out of nowhere, dozens of flying ants materialised from thin air. “You have to be !@#$%^ joking!?”; I muttered. The slower tail races would soon be alive with the sound of feeding fish – but I will have to leave them be until my next visit.

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