Stream: Wellington

…with shallow, slow rolling riffle waters running through large boulders…

I woke to the sound of rain belting down on the roof which quickly deflated my motivation. The hefty chest cold I am also battling with did not help the situation either; however I pushed through it. I was wanting to venture high into the Wellington today to see if the upper reaches were producing any fish. It could be a simple ‘recon’ drive if nothing else.

Up in the tops, the Wellington is typically found with shallow, slow rolling riffle waters running through large boulders; perfect for stalking individual pools and eddies and luring any inhabitants to the surface. It was a lengthy drive, but usually worth the trip.

As I slowly made my way into the hills along the slippery roads, then onto the boggy mess that resembled off road tracks, the rain continued and tormented me at every corner.

After a time, I had finally arrived and it was cold! I set up my gear and made the 800 meter walk through the wet Dogwood; however as I blended out of the bush toward the sound of running water, I was met with the results of the early spring rain and it was causing havoc with the water levels. For a small creek, it was pushing fast and deep in most places.


Small, non-committal fish slapped and tailed at the Sakasa Kebari with only slightly larger fish connecting in a half enthusiastic manner. The massive drop in barometric pressure playing it’s part in the days equation.



Regardless of the weather and the fussy mountain trout, I did manage to iron out some bugs in my gear set-up and also gained some additional experience with the GoPro.  Besides, you have to admit that even on a cold, wet and miserable day; the bush can still be a re-energising environment to spend some time.


Cast after cast, the day whittled away and it was soon time to hit the boggy tracks again, followed by the slippery roads and then back down to foothills country; back to a warm house! The Wellington would have to wait another few weeks to return to the slow flowing riffle water she is known for…I can wait.


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