The perfect tight cover/pack rod?

Shorter length Tenkara rods have been around for a while, however after reentering the Tenkara-verse post a lengthy hiatus, there appears to be a significant resurgence!

The Short/Compact/Mini/Pack/Tiny/Tight Cover Tenkara Rod appears to be the new thang that some of the more well known Tenkara rod companies are currently offering. We can also bear witness to creations from new, young aspiring entrepreneurs joining the fray into the Tenkara-verse, in the same vein.

Yes; I am back on deck after a very lengthy hiatus!  A relocation, a new job and now faced with the most excellent (insert Wayne’s World parody here) dilemma of learning new fishing waters; that ‘work/life’ balance scenario most of us strive for appears to be close at hand.

Upon catching up on the various Tenkara blogs I subscribe to and regaining my podcast subscriptions of similar topic, I am now driven to get back into my Kebari Angler™ blog in the hope that I can share some new adventures and content (photo & video) with it’s subscribers; Tenkara rod in hand.

Having researched my intended new fishing locations, it was evident that these little headwaters were amidst some very steep country with the little creeks and brooks being immensely overgrown in most areas – perfect, just how I like it! It was obvious that my typical 11-13’+ rods would not work well here.

Otway Nat Park falls

Whilst I do own a shorter rod than the norm (a Tanuki 275 Appalachian Brookie Limited Edition); I feel that even this 9 footer would still struggle in the intended environment and that an even shorter rod may prove it’s usefulness in these tight rainforest creeks.

Otway Nat Park Cascade falls

Experience dictates that our resident trout would be shy and spooky and typically only 6-12” in length – fitting the bill for a 6-7, maybe 8′ rod where the Bow & Arrow Cast would no doubt prevail. The search begins…

Having frequented my usual internet haunts, the following offerings are on my hit-list. I’ll be sure to post an update once a decision is made, however the Tanuki Golden Trout is currently hitting all of my buttons so far.

Feel free to comment or let me know if there is something else I should take into consideration. Oh how I hate going rod shopping!

Now, how to tie a Rainforest Kebari; hmmmm.

(Photo Credits; Visit Victoria – Otway National Park)

4 thoughts on “The perfect tight cover/pack rod?”

  1. Actually, I’ve been using an 11 footer for a decade in streams just like this
    And in certain spots even a 13 footer
    It’s not so much casting as hook setting and consequent landing – I’ve found that determines rod length. Nothing more frustrating than connecting with a large trout and the rod is too long to lift, turn, or direct to shore.


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