Welcome to the Kebariangler blog project; Tenkara Fishing in Australia.

…the inclusion of my “Catch|Photograph|Release” philosophy affirms my personal commitment toward a sustainable fishing future…

Having been born and bred in Victoria (Australia), fishing was in my blood and I was introduced to all manner of fishing techniques (largely fly-fishing) at an early age. From tying my first fly, to the first cast with that very fly and a resulting first Brown Trout; there was no turning back. Now for the last 30 years, fly-fishing has been an all-consuming passion [when time and family life permitted] and in more recent times, my #3 & #6 weight rods were put aside for Tenkara gear. Tenkara had provided a whole other world to explore and one I thoroughly enjoy.

I have always preferred the catch and release methodology as introduced early within my fishing upbringing and this was always going to be a large part of the now Kebariangler project. The inclusion of my “Catch | Photograph | Release” philosophy affirms my personal commitment toward a sustainable fishing future, which can also be seen in the Kebariangler™ logo; portraying a small Mountain Trout being released to fight another day.

Well, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the Kebariangler™ project.


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