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The Regal “T-Rex”

“…that sucker would latch on like a Tyrannosaurus Rex!…”

I remember like it was just yesterday, that very first time I sat down in front of a fly tying vice. I could not tell you what make or model it was; just that it had a simple lever design that applied pressure to the jaws and I remember it to be of a heavy duty construction. I imagine that it would have been of English decent as most of my Grandfathers gear was. Hardy split cane rods from the early 1940’s and aluminium fly boxes – overloaded with crudely tied flies (mostly nymphs). Continue reading The Regal “T-Rex”


Season is OPEN!

…nothing better than watching a coffee coloured Brown blend into view toward your fly…

I have been hanging out for Victoria’s season to open; however a little disappointed at the [still] high water levels for my first outing. The fish were proving difficult to target and I found myself blind casting deeper water, which is not my preferred approach.

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Stream: 20 Acre Creek

…I do not mind telling you; IT FRIGHTENED THE SH!T OUT OF ME! …

Well, the new Tenkara USA Rhodo arrived the other day and I made the short journey up to a local favourite first thing this morning; 20 Acre Creek. I lost count of how many fish I landed (and lost)!

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